Mr Clive Chan, Headmaster

Mr Chan has extensive experience in teaching English to people of all ages and abilities. He returned to Hong Kong after spending years studying and working in Australia. He has taught English in different secondary schools and Business English at a university in Hong Kong.

I was greatly saddened by the passing of Mr. Louis Cha, an old friend of mine, a few days ago.  This is more a recollection of my fond memories than a eulogy.

I met Mr. and Mrs. Cha more than 20 years ago when I helped them scrutinize an investment in Melbourne Australia. We spent about a week together meeting accountants, bankers, lawyers and many other people, and I had learnt a lot from this literary giant, though we didn’t really talk about his books at all.

With a shy smile and a humble demeanor, Mr. Cha could appear to be any ordinary elder, but I appreciate from a small incident why he could have lived to such an old age.  I remember that we flew together from Hong Kong to Melbourne, and he brought a full set of the limited edition of all his books that are duly autographed for his brother-in-law, and he labelled the box ‘fragile’. After we had collected all our bags, his box of books was nowhere to be seen.  While we were worried and running back and forth the carousel to look for the missing treasure, he calmly said we should not keep the limousine waiting, assuring his wife that he could bring another set for her brother next time.  The set of books, which is probably invaluable by now, was in fact kept in a special area for fragile items.  He wasn’t particularly excited when the item was found, but gave a content smile, apologizing to me again for keeping us waiting. 

Intuitive and perceptive, which are the priceless qualities of an accomplished writer, Mr. Cha asked many insightful questions about the investment environment, economy, and business laws in Australia when we met with the professionals involved in the project.  I was pleasantly surprised by his fluent English and the thorough preparation shown by the detailed notes he had written before the meetings. He impressed us to be humble and inquisitive but highly intelligent and precise at the same time.

As they normally slept from 5am to about noon, the Chas preferred to meet me over lunch or dinner rather than in the office.  Despite their low profile and discretion, some of his die-hard fans would still catch the opportunity to ask for his autograph on his books, which he always kindly obliged.  Once, one of my best friends asked me to get Mr. Cha’s autograph on a set he claimed to have read over 1000 times while working in Nigeria Africa, and Mr. Cha stared at the books for a long time, correctly guessing the books were more than twenty years old as he recognized the covers.  While he normally just signed on one book of the same set, he took time to write a poem and sign on every book for my friend who now considers the autographed books one of his most valuable and proud possessions. 

Though I have only read two of his books the content of which I have mostly forgotten, I would always remember this extraordinary writer as a kind, humorous, generous and wise intellectual, to whom I am forever indebted.





Yours sincerely,

Clive Chan