Mr Clive Chan, Headmaster

Mr Chan has extensive experience in teaching English to people of all ages and abilities. He returned to Hong Kong after spending years studying and working in Australia. He has taught English in different secondary schools and Business English at a university in Hong Kong.

Dear parents,

Did you know we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of E-Smart Learning Centre this month? Time does fly, but I still remember vividly how I left my glamorous waterfront office in Admiralty with trepidation to venture into this unfamiliar part of the city, dreaming to inspire our young people by equipping them with two important tools – the proficiency in an international language and an inquisitive and independent mind.   My primary goal wasn’t to help them succeed in exams but to make them avid readers and critical thinkers who have the ability to read widely and understand the world around them.  It is my hope that by embracing the global values of equality, liberty, freedom and compassion, our students would blossom into servant leaders who uphold justice and extend kindness to all people, thereby making our world a better place.

With the above objective in mind, I have always tried to hire like-minded teachers and administrative staff who share these core values, and treat them with respect as individuals who I count on to make a positive impact on our students.  I am proud to say, compared to other institutions, we have had a relatively low staff turnover over the last 20 years.  Quite a number of our staff have worked with us for 10 years or more, and met their friends for life while working here.  Such positive energy is crucial for creating an encouraging classroom environment where students are emboldened to inquire and explore, even by making mistakes.

Therefore, rote learning is non-existent in our curriculum as we believe students learn best through an active engagement with the teacher and other students during which they come to grips with the English language by actively comprehending a text they hear or read, decoding the purpose and views of the speaker or writer before articulating their own opinions.  We applaud their efforts in speaking their minds and writing out their genuine feelings and thoughts, rather than regurgitating accurately the views of the teacher and the writer.  As a result, learning at E-Smart must be a happy one, not because we are playful but students are allowed to be who they really are.  This is a place where they should find acceptance, understanding, encouragement and love strongly underpinned by our Christian faith.

After twenty years, many of our students have grown into happy and successful adults. They have probably forgotten the contents of the classes they attended, but I am confident that many of them would remember E-Smart Learning Centre as a loving and caring institution that has inspired them to be an active learner, a critical thinker and a generous giver. 

Thank you for entrusting your child with us and we look forward to their continued thriving at E-Smart.  May God bless you and your family!

Yours sincerely,

Clive Chan