We offer a variety of programs for students from Kindergarten to Form 5. Browse through our program descriptions and youˇ¦ll be sure to find something just right for your child!
Interactive English for Kids

Kids will love this course, as they will learn English in a fun, encouraging and activity-based setting. Teachers will adopt an integrated approach to teaching, aiming at improving students' reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.

There is a theme for each lesson. A set of vocabulary related to the theme will be introduced.

Students will learn to speak and write correct English through discussions, games, drama and crafts.
Cambridge English Courses

Our students have always attained good results in the Cambridge Young Learners English Exams. In order to prepare students for the mainstream Cambridge English Exams that are particularly useful for students who plan to study overseas, we offer the following one-year courses:

Cambridge Key English Test (for P5-S1)
Cambridge Preliminary English Test (for S1- S2)
Cambridge First Certificate in English (for S3-S4)
Phonics That Work

A lot of phonics or phonetics programs become an ordeal for young English learners as they are asked to memorize abstract phonetic symbols and rules right from the start. In these programs, students lose interest easily and find it hard to relate what they learn in phonics classes to their everyday English learning.

Our philosophy of learning phonics works differently. We emphasize on the application of phonics to reading and writing. Through well-designed activities and games that enhance phonemic awareness of young learners, students will learn the 44 basic sounds of English and will enjoy reading stories written by our headmaster for the English sounds they learn in class.

The 'Spelling and Dictation' section will help students apply phonics to spelling English words, which should be of great help to their schoolwork.

This is an integrated course preparing students for the four papers in the HKDSE English exam. Instead of drilling students with past exam papers, the course focuses on developing studentsˇ¦ overall skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking. Exam practice will also be included for students to familiarize themselves with the exam format. Most importantly, this course helps students to develop their thinking and organizational skills, which is useful and beneficial to taking any standard exam.
Grammar with Fun

A lot of young learners hate their grammar classes at school as they are drilled on the grammatical rules by filling in numerous worksheets. A lot of other grammar classes are taught in Chinese, which fail to help students attain spontaneity in writing and speaking.

Our grammar class is activity-based and helps students speak and write grammatically correct English through writing, reading and speaking exercises. Most of our grammar lessons end in a game, which actively puts into use what the students have learned in class.

Classes are available for students from P1 to F5.

Write to Enjoy

Most students in Hong Kong lack the opportunity to learn and practice writing skills. Even when they are given a chance to write at school, their writing is often limited, unexpressive, and lacks creativity. Our theme-based writing course focuses on vocabulary development, comprehension, thinking and writing practices. Students learn to write through fun-filled class activities and discussions, and based on these discussions, student are given a chance to explore different ideas and freely write about their opinions.

Classes are available for students from P1 to F5.